Azvalor Managers FI

Best of breed managers under one single fund.

Azvalor Managers FI is a transferable UCITS fund designed to be invested almost entirely in equities (at least 75%). Its portfolio consists of companies of all sizes and in all regions and sectors, listed on secondary markets.

The objective is to find the best investment opportunities worldwide through delegation to specialist Managers. These external managers are selected by the Azvalor Asset Management investment team, which applies an exhaustive process of qualitative analysis and a strict set of requirements:

  • Independent and employee- owned boutique.
  • “Skin in the game”; managers that invest in the strategies they manage.
  • Stable and vocational investment team.
  • Specialised in a particular area.
  • Reasonable asset base and capacity conscious.
  • Lengthy experience and excellent long-term track record.
  • Robust operational and compliance process.


The analysis process is led by Javier Sáenz de Cenzano, with the support of Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro and Fernando Bernad in the final selection of each manager.

Azvalor Managers FI is not a funds’ fund, it is a managers’ fund

Delegating the management through separate accounts allows us to choose any manager, anywhere in the world, and we also avoid the investor paying a double level of management fee. This also makes management much more efficient and transparent.

Long-term co-investment

All managers invest their personal wealth in the strategies they manage and Azvalor’s partners, and managers, invest on their own behalf in Azvalor Managers FI. In this way, all interests are aligned.

‘We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now’ (Martin Luther King)

The investment objective is to achieve a significant revaluation of capital, making this fund most suitable for long-term (at least 7 years) oriented investors.

The currency risk exposure will be between 0-100% of the total exposure. The fund does not invest in derivative instruments.

The Managers
Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA CEO and Co-director of Investment
Fernando Bernad, CFA Co-director of Investment
Javier Sáenz de Cenzano, CFA Head of Azvalor Managers FI
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ES0112602000 (€ share class)

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Global Equities

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2,25% per annum

Benchmark. Evolución de 100 € invertidos

Benchmark: MSCI AC World Index NR

The MSCI AC World Index represents companies with a high and medium market capitalisation in 23 developed markets and 24 emerging markets. The index covers approximately 85% of the variable-income investment universe at a global level